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Crystal Aire Air Revitalizer Concentrates

Elevate Your Space: Crystal Aire Concentrates come in Rose, Eucaluptus, Vanilla, Ocean Mist, Wild Forest, Lavender and Crystal Rain.

Immerse yourself in the soothing embrace of nature with the Crystal Aire Concentrates. They feature enchanting scents designed to elevate your surroundings. Discover how these aromatic concentrates, used with our four different models of Crystal AIre Purifiers otherwise know as air revitalisors, create a holistic and immersive experience.

As the fragrant notes fill the air, it's essential to highlight the role of air purifiers in this sensory journey. Air purifiers, equipped with water filtration, play a crucial role in creating a clean and revitalising environment. By removing impurities, allergens, and pollutants from the air, air purifiers contribute to a healthier living space, enhancing the overall impact of these aromatic concentrates. Now, let's delve into the synergy between Crystal Aire's scents and their compatible products, amplifying both the aesthetic and functional aspects of your home environment.

Crystal Rain: Enhancing Your Crystal Aire Diffuser

Enrich your Crystal Aire Diffuser experience with the invigorating notes of Crystal Rain. Imagine the gentle patter of raindrops as they infuse your space, creating a refreshing atmosphere. Pairing Crystal Rain with a diffuser enhances the dispersion of its revitalizing fragrance, enveloping your room in a cloud of tranquility.

Lavender: A Dreamy Addition to Crystal Aire Aromatherapy Pods

Extend the calming effects of lavender by incorporating it into your Crystal Aire Aromatherapy Pods. These pods are designed for use with the Crystal Aire Aromatherapy Pod System, allowing you to enjoy a customisable and immersive aromatherapy experience. Lavender's soothing properties make it a perfect choice for relaxation and stress relief.


Wild Forest: Unleash the Outdoors with Crystal Aire Scented Candles

Take your evenings to the next level with the Wild Forest scent in Crystal Aire Purifier. Infuse your space with the earthy aroma of a wild forest, creating a cozy and intimate ambiance. The immersive fragrance transforms your surroundings into a tranquil retreat.


Ocean Mist, Eucalyptus & Vanilla gift pack: Perfect Harmony for Crystal Aire Purifiers

Achieve the perfect balance of freshness and warmth by using the Ocean Mist, Eucalyptus & Vanilla Concentrate in your Crystal Aire Purifier/revitaliser. Try all three in this value pack, enjoying the scent of Ocean Mist, Eucalyptus and Vanilla.
Extend the benefits of Crystal Aire's aromatic concentrates to your office, bedroom, lounge or kitchen. Whether you prefer the fresh scent of Ocean Mist, the sweet calming scent of Vanilla pods or the healthy medicinal scent of Eucalyptus,  these scents can transform your living space into a haven of relaxation.

Rose Concentrate: Floral Harmony

Enjoy this light floral aroma of the fresh scent of roses. Guaranteed to bring an uplifting and invigorating mood into your living area.

All these aromatic concentrates offer a versatile and immersive experience. Elevate every corner of your life with Crystal Aire Concentrates, turning your home or office, into sanctuaries of tranquility and well-being. All our concentrates are safe to use with pets and humans.

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