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Crystal Aire Arctic Evaporative Air Cooler

A Deep Dive into the Arctic Air Ultra Evaporative Air Cooler with Upgraded Filtration (2 Pack, currently on special offer)

As temperatures soar, the pursuit of optimal cooling solutions becomes essential. Enter the Arctic Air Ultra Evaporative Air Cooler, an exceptional cooling apparatus with upgraded filtration features, currently available in a convenient 2-pack offer. This blog aims to unravel the intricacies of this cooling marvel, exploring its nuanced features, advantages, and potential considerations.


  1. Night light with adjustable brightness and 7 assorted colours to create a relaxing atmosphere
  2. 3-speed settings and adjustable air direction tabs for customized cooling
  3. Upgraded filtration system for double the cooling power of the previous model
  4. Drawer-type design for easy cleaning of the removable filter
  5. Tank for holding water and aromatherapy spray function for use with essential oils
  6. Filter can be submerged in water and placed in the freezer for even colder air stream
  7. USB cable plugs into any 220V adapter (adapter not included)
  8. Made of durable PVC material

  • Power supply: AC100-120V/50-60Hz, DC5V/2000mA
  • Material: PVC
  • Night light: Yes, with adjustable brightness and 7 assorted colours
  • Speed settings: 3
  • Adjustable air direction tabs: Yes
  • Filter: Removable and washable with drawer-type design for easy cleaning
  • Cooling power: Upgraded filtration offers twice the cooling power of the previous model
  • Water tank capacity: Holds water for evaporation and cooling
  • Aromatherapy spray function: Yes, for adding essential oils
  • Freezing function: Filter can be submerged in water and placed in freezer for even colder air stream
  • Power cord: USB cable plugs into any 220V adapter (adapter not included)
  • Compact and portable design: Yes
  • Dimensions: 15.0 x 17.0 x 16.0 cm
  • Cutting-Edge Evaporative Cooling Technology

Central to the Arctic Air Ultra's prowess is its state-of-the-art evaporative cooling technology. Unlike conventional air conditioners reliant on refrigerants, this portable cooler leverages the inherent cooling properties of evaporation. Water sourced from its built-in tank undergoes a transformative process: as it evaporates, it absorbs ambient heat, resulting in a discernible reduction in surrounding temperatures. This not only positions the device as an eco-friendly alternative but also underscores its efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Enhanced Filtration System

What elevates the Arctic Air Ultra to a superior echelon is its unwavering commitment to not only cool but also purify the air. The upgraded filtration system is a testament to this dedication. By adeptly trapping dust, allergens, and airborne particles, this air cooler ensures that the air you breathe is not only refreshingly cool but also impeccably clean. This feature is particularly advantageous for individuals with respiratory sensitivities or those aspiring to cultivate a healthier indoor environment.

Portability Redefined

In the realm of portable cooling, the Arctic Air Ultra stands tall with its compact and user-friendly design. Unfettered by traditional constraints, this cooler seamlessly transitions between diverse settings. Be it your home office sanctuary, the comfort of the living room, or the open expanse of your patio, this portable marvel remains at your beck and call. With intuitive controls and customizable settings, adapting your cooling experience to suit your preferences is effortlessly achievable.


Energy Efficiency and Financial Prudence

Beyond its cooling capabilities, the Arctic Air Ultra champions energy efficiency and cost savings. In stark contrast to the substantial impact on energy bills associated with traditional air conditioners, this cooler presents a frugal alternative. Its judicious energy consumption, combined with effective cooling, makes it an economically astute choice for battling the summer heat. The current 2-pack offer enhances its appeal, providing a solution for multiple rooms or fostering a culture of shared cooling within households.


Considerations for Thoughtful Selection

No device is without its nuances, and the Arctic Air Ultra is no exception. Prospective users should be mindful of its designed application for personal use in smaller to medium-sized spaces. Its efficacy is contingent upon environmental factors such as humidity levels and ambient temperatures. While it excels in targeted cooling, its capacity may diminish in larger areas.

The Arctic Air Ultra Evaporative Air Cooler with Upgraded Filtration (2 Pack) emerges as an intricate and all-encompassing solution for maintaining comfort during the sweltering heat. From its pioneering evaporative cooling technology and superior filtration system to its portable design and energy efficiency, this cooling device redefines the standards. Seize the opportunity presented by the current 2-pack offer to extend the benefits of this advanced cooling solution across the spectrum of your living spaces, embracing a holistic and refreshing approach to cool comfort.

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