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Pet Wellness

Pets are a part of the family, and taking good care of them is important. There are several ways to keep your pets healthy and happy. These include:

* Taking your pet for regular check-ups 1-2 times per year. These appointments can play an important role in averting or getting an early catch on a potential ailment.

* Providing your pet with healthy food and a balanced diet.

* Having your pet spayed/neutered. This can prevent the spread of strays, and could avert certain ailments which may present themselves in your pet at some stage in their lifetime.

* Ensuring that your pet is provided with the exercise they need. This will vary with every pet, but even exercise to a small extent can assist a pet’s mood and health.

* Having your pet microchipped. The chip can be used to find your information in the event that your pet is lost, and is brought to a veterinarian clinic or shelter to be checked for this information so that the pet can be returned to you.

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