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Top of the range water based air puriifer


In a world where indoor air quality often takes a back seat, our living spaces harbour dust, allergens, and pollutants. But fear not, Crystal Aire is here with a solution set to revolutionize your air experience.

Discover the essence of tranquility with the Crystal Aire Executive Air Purifier—a larger model tailored to elevate the air quality in any living space. Engineered with advanced features, this air purifier is the epitome of clean, fresh air for your home or workplace. Beyond mere purification, the Crystal Aire Executive Air Purifier actively promotes overall health. Its integrated ionizer fosters a soothing atmosphere, while ultraviolet lights and efficient filtration ensure the air you breathe is impeccably clean and revitalizing. For those seeking a healthier living environment, this air purifier makes an excellent gift, encapsulating the essence of well-being.


This champion air purifier employs cutting-edge UV-C technology and ionization to combat microscopic invaders, delivering comprehensive air purification. Its compact and sleek design seamlessly integrates into any room, offering a whisper-quiet operation for uninterrupted use. Dimensions (H: 22cm, L: 22cm, W: 22cm), weight: 860g.

Before we get to how it works, let’s explain what UV-C Is;

Ultraviolet-C (UV-C) light is a form of ultraviolet radiation with wavelengths between 200 and 280 nanometers. UV-C light is commonly utilized for its germicidal properties, capable of inactivating microorganisms like bacteria, viruses, and mold by disrupting their DNA structure. In air purifiers, UV-C technology is often employed to neutralize airborne pathogens, contributing to a cleaner and healthier indoor environment.

Now let's quickly explain ionization;

Ionization is a process where air molecules gain or lose an electric charge, turning into ions. In the context of air purifiers, this helps to attract and capture particles like dust and allergens, making the air cleaner. It's like giving the air a little electric boost to grab onto and remove the tiny things you don't want to breathe in.

How it Works:

Harnessing the power of UV-C light, the purifier neutralizes pathogens, ensuring a healthier living environment. Complimented by ionization, it targets dust and allergens, contributing to a cleaner, fresher indoor atmosphere. This dual-action approach sets the CRYSTAL AIRE EXECUTIVE apart in the air purification landscape.

Utilizing a sophisticated UV-C lamp, this purifier stands as a testament to innovation in air purification. This lamp targets and neutralizes microscopic invaders such as bacteria, viruses, and mould spores, rendering them inert and incapable of causing harm. This UV air purification process ensures that the air circulating through the device emerges cleansed and free from potential health hazards.

Complimenting the UV purification, the CRYSTAL AIRE EXECUTIVE features an ionization mechanism.

LED Colors and Their Significance:

Four LED colors indicate different modes – Pure Air Mode (blue), Sleep Mode (green), Germicidal Mode (red), and a dynamic Multi-Color Cycle for ambiance. Each color enhances both functionality and visual appeal. The calming blue signifies optimal purification, green ensures a restful night, red intensifies germicidal action, while the Multi-Color Cycle adds a touch of playfulness.

Benefits of Using the CRYSTAL AIRE EXECUTIVE:

Comprehensive Air Purification: The purifier eliminates pathogens, reduces allergens, and neutralizes odors, contributing to a healthier living environment.
Whisper-Quiet Operation: Enjoy purified air without noise disruption, ensuring a tranquil living space.
Healthier Living Environment: The continuous purification cycle enhances overall well-being for you and your loved ones.

User-Friendly Features:

Setting up and maintaining the CRYSTAL AIRE EXECUTIVE is a breeze. The intuitive control panel, remote control capabilities, and smart features make it an easy-to-use, hassle-free solution. Compatible with smart home systems, it seamlessly integrates into your connected home environment, providing greater control over indoor air quality.

Navigating the CRYSTAL AIRE EXECUTIVE is a user-friendly experience, thanks to its intuitive control panel. The controls are thoughtfully organized, allowing you to adjust settings, switch between modes, and customize your purifier's operation with ease. The user interface is designed for clarity, ensuring that you can effortlessly access the purifier's features without any learning curve.

Comparison with Other Air Purifiers:

Distinguished by advanced UV-C technology, dual-action purification, multi-color LED cycles, smart home integration, whisper-quiet operation, and user-friendly design, the CRYSTAL AIRE EXECUTIVE stands out in the competitive air purifier market. Its focus on ease of use, advanced technology, and aesthetic appeal makes it a standout choice for those seeking a holistic air purification solution.


Regular filter checks, easy filter replacement, UV-C lamp inspection, ventilation maintenance, and occasional deep cleaning ensure longevity and optimal performance. Follow these simple steps outlined in the user manual to keep your CRYSTAL AIRE EXECUTIVE operating at peak efficiency.

Changing the water:

Please change the water when it looks dirty. If you are not using the machine for an extended period of time remove the water and keep the machine in a dry place.

 Care Instructions:

Turn the power off and unplug the machine Remove the upper body
Remove the dirty water and clean the tank with cold tap water.
Replace the upper body onto the machine.

 *Please take note:

The machine will not work if there is not enough water in the tank. Please fill to the 'min' level before turning the machine on. (Do not fill over the maximum level)
Always place the machine on a level surface.
When carrying the machine, please hold the bottom firmly.
Never block the airflow outlet of the machine.


 Explore our collection of captivating concentrates, the perfect companions for your purifier. Indulge in a selection of enchanting scents such as Ocean Mist, Eucalyptus, Vanilla, Crystal Rain, Lavender, Wild Forest, and Rose. These concentrates not only enhance air purification but also work wonders on colds and allergies, infusing your space with delightful aromas while banishing persistent odors. Available for purchase at our participating retail outlets, through our website, or directly from our showroom in Milnerton, Cape Town. Partnering seamlessly with the Crystal Aire Executive, they create an aromatic symphony tailored to elevate your surroundings.


You are able to visit our showroom located in Milnerton, Cape Town for a demonstration of all our products and buy on-site from us. Enhance your in-store experience by consulting with our knowledgeable staff who are eager to assist you in selecting the perfect purifier and complementary concentrates for your needs. Step into our showroom oasis and let us guide you on the journey to a revitalized living space, starting with the unmatched benefits of the Crystal Aire Executive.


Elevate your living space with the CRYSTAL AIRE EXECUTIVE, a transformative air purifier designed for unparalleled freshness and well-being. As you navigate the crowded landscape of air purifiers, choose the EXECUTIVE for its unmatched features, cutting-edge technologies, and unwavering commitment to user satisfaction. From advanced purification to a commitment to your health, make the CRYSTAL AIRE EXECUTIVE an integral part of your journey toward a cleaner, healthier, and more comfortable living space. Your well-being deserves nothing less than this exceptional standard.


You can find our products conveniently stocked in various retail outlets. The  CRYSTAL AIRE EXECUTIVE is available at Clicks, Clicks Online, Makro Marketplace, Takealot, Loot, Spar, Pick n Pay, Builders Warehouse, Iser Group, Kaap Agri, NamPharm, Snatcher, Yuppie Chef, to name but a few and of course, directly from our website.



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