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Wholesale: The Best Products To Resell In 2022

Imagine how big your business could blow up if you spent less time on marketing, but instead focused most of your energy on your brand and beautifying it.

Marketing doesn’t come easy to all business owners, which makes scaling their businesses a struggle. Luckily for you, there’s a wholesale channel.

If you sell wholesale, you’ll pass on most of the marketing responsibility to your buyers.

How Wholesale Work

Selling through a wholesale channel is the act of selling in bulk to retailers, usually at a lower price, who then sells the product to their customers at a higher price. If you run an online wholesale store, it allows you to sell to the end consumer as well.

When we talk about wholesale, we automatically think of big old brick-and-mortar businesses such as factories, etc. However, wholesale has changed with the times we live in today. Selling wholesale online is super easy if you look at Amazon, Wish, Alibaba, etc.

Let’s Take A Look At The Best Whole Products To Sell In 2022

Home Products

According to statistics, home and personal improvement products grew during the pandemic, which makes it a solid foundation for wholesaling.

Some Home Products Would Be:

Essential Oil Diffusers:

Perfect for your home and office to prevent dry and stuffy air, and adds aroma and lovely fragrances with health benefits to your living space

Evaporative Air Coolers:

Cool down any living area and adds ultra cool air to the room.

Air Purifier:

Cleans the air from bacteria and pet odors while preventing mold and the growth of fungi.

Medical Infrared Thermometer:

If you’re someone that takes extra precautions when it comes to Covid-19. A thermometer is a must-have. They have been selling out like nuts over these past 3 years of the pandemic.

First Aid Kits:

Everyone needs a first aid kit in their home, especially if they have young children.

Foot Massagers:

The sales in foot massagers have also grown over the past few years, which makes this a perfect product to sell wholesale.

Pillow And Shoulder Massagers:

Who wouldn’t want to own one of these after a long day of work?

Massage Guns:

Generates effective power for deep tissue therapy, and is well for on-the-go treatment. Sales in these have also grown in the past few years.

Foot Spas:

According to statistics, women shop online 30% more on average than men. Which makes this a great product to look into when it comes to selling wholesale, as most foot spas are purchased by women.

Portable Vibration Seats:

Portable seat cushion that vibrates and heats up, perfect for use in home, office, and car.

Pet Wellness Products:

These are probably the easiest to sell online wholesale, with the littlest effort. Statistics prove that pooch owners are always seeking products for their best friends.

Sports Bracelets:

Ever since the pandemic started, people have been investing more in their health and well-being and online stores have been crushing it with sports products

Facial Cleanser:

Another health and wellness product that has had great online purchase records.

Manicure and Pedicure Kit:

As I mentioned before, women love to buy online, and they love a proper mani-and-Pedi kit, which makes a great product for wholesaling.

Electric Dead Skin Removers:

If you take a look at Amazon’s reviews for these products, you’ll see they have thousands of reviews on each of the electric dead skin remover products.

Electric UV Nail Dryers:

Sales in UV nail dryers have been crushing it online, which makes the perfect product to sell wholesale.

Where Can I Find These Products To Start Selling In Wholesale?

Just Great Imports

Just Great Imports is by far the best marketplace for retailers who want to sell home products wholesale. They are South Africa’s most dominant wholesaler of essential oil diffusers.

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